Monel Alloy 404

  • Excellent corrosion resistance to multiple environments
  • Low permeability that ensures wide-scale usage
  • Good brazing features
  • High strength and toughness for longevity
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Monel 404 alloy houses a relatively enhanced copper content, which makes it perfect for electric and electronic applications. These alloy houses components that can be adjusted in a manner that showcases a low number for Curie temperature. Along with this, the alloy has good brazing features as well as low permeability.

Also known as the UNS N04404, the Monel 404 houses a mix of copper and nickel alloy that is primarily used in multiple electronic applications. In terms of properties, the alloy is

Common Names:

  • Nickel 404
  • Monel 404
  • UNS N04404
  • ASTM F-96

Executive Standards:

  • UNS N04404
  • ASTM F96

Chemical Properties:

Nickel (%)Copper (%)Iron (%)Carbon (%)Manganese (%)Silicon (%)Aluminum (%)Sulfur (%)
60 to 57 Maximum45.5 Maximum0.50 Maximum0.15 Maximum0.10 Maximum0.10 Maximum0.050 Maximum0.024 Maximum

Mechanical Properties:

Yield Strength (Minimum)Tensile Strength (Minimum)Elongation (Minimum)

Physical Properties:

DensityThermal ConductivitySpecific HeatElectrical ResistivityCurie Temperature
G/CM3W/M. °CJ/kg. °CµΩ·m°F(annealed)

Key Features:

1-Machinability: The Alloy 404 is used for conventional machining requirements as it work-hardens amid the machining process. Plus, it has a higher strength along with gumminess.

2-Forming: The alloy flaunts amazing ductility & forms readily with conventional methods.

3-Welding: With Monel 404, most of the commonly opted welding methods tend to work amazingly.

4-Heat Treatment: The alloy only responds to annealing post-cold working and doesn’t favor heat treatment.

Product Forms Available:

1-Coil: Foil, Strip, Ribbon

2-Wire: Round, Profile, Square, Flat


  • Transistor capsules
  • Sealing for ceramic-metal
  • Marine fixtures
  • Processing equipment for chemicals

Possible Alternative Grades:

1-Monel 400: Monel 400 packs in high strength & corrosion resistance to alkaline or acidic environments, making it a perfect alternative to Monel 404.

2-Monel 401: The Monel 404 is a derivative of the Monel 401Which exhibits an amazing brazing feature.

3-Monel 405: This is a free-machine grade for the alloy 400 with a high amount of carbon, manganese, nickel, copper, as well as silicon.

4-Monel 450: The Monel 450 alloy is known for its amazing fatigue strength & relatively enhanced thermal conductivity.

5-Monel K-500: With Monel K-500, you get access to perfect corrosion resistance along with added hardness and strength.

6-Monel R-405: The Monel R-405 comes as Monel 400’s free machine version. This copper-nickel alloy houses controlled sulfur.

7-Monel 502: This copper-nickel alloy has high oxidation resistance along with excellent creep features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the color of Monel alloy?

The Monel alloy houses a color that is similar to stainless steel, which is silver. It polishes just like mirrors. Taking any cut from the metal brings in a slight bronzing effect.

  • Is the Monel alloy non-ferrous or ferrous?

Brass or bronze is termed as a non-ferrous alloy while Monel is manufactured with the use of copper, making it a ferrous alloy.

  • Can Monel alloy be soldered?

Alloys with nickel or high nickel can easily be soldered to themselves as well as other metals that are solderable. However, pure nickel alloys need to be soldered with the inorganic fluxes.

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