Hot-rolled pickled products have the following excellent performances:
high strength,
good toughness,
easy to process and form,
and good welding.

We can use hot-rolled pickled steel plates instead of corresponding cold-rolled plates because it can reduce costs.

So, it is widely applied in shipbuilding, automobile, bridge construction, machinery manufacturing, and pressure vessel, etc.

The hot-rolled pickled plates remove the surface oxide scale an improve the surface finish and enhance the appearance effect, which makes them more convenient for welding, oiling, and painting.

The main uses:

The automotive industry is as follows: Automotive chassis systems, including suspension parts such as beams, auxiliary beams, front axles, and rear axles. Wheels, including rims, spokes, etc.

The machinery industry (excluding automobiles) mainly includes textile machinery, mining machinery, fans, and some general machinery.

Light industrial appliances are used to manufacture compressor shells, brackets, water heater inner tanks, etc.

Main size:

Thickness: 1.0~6.0×700~1650mm. Products include low-, medium-, and high-strength steel for stamping and automotive structural steel, which are mainly delivered in the form of steel coils.

Steel coil: thickness 1.5-7.0 (8) * width 800 ~ 1630mm, inner diameter / outer diameter (maximum): 610/2100mm;

Steel coil: thickness 1.2~7.0*width 800~1630, inner/outer diameter: 610/maximum 2100, steel coil weight: maximum 32t/minimum 3 tons.

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