5000 Series Aluminium Alloy (Al-Mg Alloy) is alloyed with magnesium. This alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance and it is highly suitable for marine application. Especially alloy grade 5083 alloy has the highest strength of not heat-treated alloys.

In addition to the superior strength, also good ductility, welding, fatigue strength and also suitable for anodic oxidation.

Because this alloy includes high magnesium content, the brightness is inferior to the 1000 series and the 3000 series. So, it has a wide range of applications in the industry field.

  • Common alloy grade: 5052/5754/5083/5182/5005/5086/5154/5454/5A05/5A06
  • Temper: O/H22/H32/H34/H36/H38/H111/H112/H/116H321
  • Uses & application: Shipbuilding plate/canner end, ring pull, auto body sheet, auto inner plate, engine protective cover, anti-slip checkered plate, container, railway carriage

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