Monel Alloy 401

  • Highly ductile alloy made from copper and nickel
  • Low electrical resistance coefficient
  • Resistance to a range of corrosive solutions & conditions
  • Low strength in its annealed condition
  • Cold working can happen to 120 KSI maximum
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Termed as UNS N04401, the Monel 401 is a nickel-copper alloy that is used in electronic and electrical applications. The alloy flaunts a low-temperature resistance coefficient along with medium-potential electrical resistivity.

Not just that, this alloy holds the capability to be welded with GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc) or with resistance welding.  The Monel 401 can be furnished in the wire form that is primarily used for bi-metal contact or precision resistors (wire wound).

Similar to the commercially pure metal, Nickel, the Monel 401, has low strength under annealed condition & can be worked only to a max of 120 KSI.

Common Names:

  • UNS N04401
  • Alloy 401

Executive Standards:

  • DIN 17471

Chemical Properties:

43.0 to 45.00.25 Maximum2.25 Maximum0.10 Maximum0.25 Maximum0.015 Maximum0.75 Maximum0.10 Maximum

Mechanical Properties:

Yield Strength (Minimum)ElongationTensile Strength (Minimum)

Physical Properties:

Density (G/CM3)Thermal Resistance Coefficient (PPM/°C)Thermal Conductivity (W/M. °C)Electrical Resistivity



Key Features:

  • Tempering: The Monel 401 alloy has cold rolling properties adhering to varying tempers.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Monel 401 is resistant to corrosion in a way similar to Monel 400.
  • Heat Treatment: This particular alloy cannot be hardened with heat treatment.
  • Weldability: Monel 401 flaunts amazing weldability under low temperatures.

Product Forms Available:

  • Coil- Foil, Ribbon, and Strip
  • Wire- Round, Profile, Square, Flat


  • Precision foils (Circuits & Heaters for Electrical Resistance)
  • Bimetal contacts
  • Wound wire resistors

Possible Alternative Grades:

  • Monel 400: It is popular for its high strength & corrosion resistance properties in alkaline or acidic environments.
  • Monel 404: Features such as low permeability reduced curie temperature, & excellent brazing characteristics make Monel 404 an ideal choice.
  • Monel R-405: It is a free-machine grade of the alloy 400 with a controlled sulfur amount in the construct.
  • Monel 450: Monel 450 houses wonderful fatigue strength and high thermal conductivity.
  • Monel K-500: The Monel K-500 is designed with advantages such as excellent hardness and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is stainless steel better than Monel?

Monel alloys are generally used for highly corrosive conditions. Plus, it flaunts way better strength given the formation of gamma prime as it ages. In general, Monel comes as an expensive metal as compared to stainless steel.

  • How is Monel different from Inconel?

The Inconel alloy is made up of chromium and nickel, while the Monel alloy is created from a combination of copper and nickel. Both metals can be used in extreme heat or generally severe environments.

  • Is Monel really expensive?

When compared to the steel variants, Monel tends to be difficult to mold in the machine as it hardens fairly quickly. It requires working and turning at low feed & slow speeds. It is acid and corrosion-resistant, which makes it an expensive metal.

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