Inconel Alloy 718

  • High weldability at room temperature
  • High Shear strength when used as filler metal
  • Top-notch relaxation resistance for use as springs
  • Superior corrosion & oxidation resistance
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Inconel 718 is a nickel-chromium and age-hardenable alloy that brings in high strength against creep rupture when exposed to high temperatures close to 700oC or 1300oF. This alloy can also be fabricated into various complex components.

Its welding features, especially the resistance to cracking post welding, are deemed outstanding by the manufacturing community. When combined with fatigue, tensile, as well as rupture strength, this alloy has a wide-scale application. These alloy sheets are used for rings, fueled rockets, casings, as well as aircraft parts.

Common Names:

  • UNS N07718
  • Alloy 718
  • DIN W. Nr. 2.4668

Executive Standards:

Plate, Sheet, and Coil

  • ASME SB 670
  • ASTM B 670
  • B50TF14
  • AMS 5596
  • UNS N07718

Round Bar:

  • AMS 5662
  • B50809D
  • UNS N07718
  • B50TF15
  • ASTM B 637

Chemical Properties:

Chromium (%)17.00 to 21.00
Nickel + Cobalt (%)50.00 to 55.00
Columbium + Tantalum (%)4.75 to 5.50
Molybdenum (%)2.80 to 3.30
Aluminum (%)0.20 to 0.80
Titanium (%)0.65 to 1.15
Cobalt (%)1.00 Maximum
Manganese (%)0.35 Maximum
Carbon (%)0.80 Maximum
Silicon (%)0.35 Maximum
Sulfur (%)0.015 Maximum
Phosphorus (%)0.015 Maximum
Copper (%)0.30 Maximum
Boron (%)0.006 Maximum
Iron (%)Balance

Mechanical Properties:

Yield StrengthKsi60 Minimum
Mpa414 Minimum
Tensile StrengthKsi120 Minimum
Mpa827 Minimum
Elongation %30

 Physical Properties:

Specific HeatBtu/lb °F0.104
J/kg °C435
Thermal Expansion (Mean Coefficient)in/in/°7.6 X 10
Elasticity ModulusKsi29.7 X 103
Mpa204.9 X 103
Magnetic PermeabilityOersteds200
Annealed + Aged1.011
Melting RangeoF2300 to 2437
oC1260 to 1336

Key Features:

  • Tempering Properties:

Inconel 718 can easily achieve temper properties with the help of the cold rolling process.

  • Heat Treatment:

Two protocols for heat treatment can be utilized for the annealing of Alloy 718. This needs to be followed by a rapid cooling method. It is usually done in water, followed by precipitation hardening.

  • Impact Strength:

Inconel 718 has a high impact strength when kept in the room temperature.

  • Fatigue Strength:

When kept at room temperature, Inconel 718 shows high fatigue strength after being annealed or age-annealed.

Product Forms Available:

  • Length cutting
  • Continuous coils
  • Precision cutting


  • Springs
  • Hold-down springs for nuclear components
  • Seal rings
  • Components for gas turbine
  • Instrumentation parts
  • Fasteners

Possible Alternative Grades:

  • Inconel 625:

This alloy possesses considerable concentration of chromium, nickel, as well as molybdenum, which makes it strong when kept at high-temperature ranges.

  • Inconel 690:

With a low concentration of cobalt, this 718 alternative is used for its low resistivity features and nuclear applications.

  • Inconel 713C:

This precipitation-hardenable cast alloy packs in nickel and chromium metals to provide top-notch corrosion resistance features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can Inconel 718 be hardened?

To harden Inconel 718, processes such as cold working or age hardening can be used. Alternatively, the combination of both can be used to achieve hardening.

  • Can Inconel 718 be used for decoration purposes?

Yes, when drawn in the heavy-grease based medium, Inconel 718 can produce an amazingly bright finish, which is perfect for decoration requirements.

  • How is Inconel 718 welded?

The slow response shown by Inconel 718 to effects such as age hardening enables the parts a chance to be directly welded without any intermediate requirement for stress relief.

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