Phosphor Bronze


Phosphor bronze, also known as tin bronze, is a kind of bronze alloy. This alloy contains copper with 0.5-11% tin and 0.01-0.35% phosphorous.

The tin increases the corrosion resistance and strength and phosphor increase the wear resistance and stiffness of the alloy.

Phosphor bronze alloys can be widely used in electrical products.

The main features are as below:

  • Superb spring qualities,
  • High fatigue resistance,
  • Excellent formability,
  • High corrosion resistance,

So, phosphor bronze is one of the best-bearing alloys. At the same time, it is also used in corrosion-resistant bellows, diaphragms, spring washers, bushings, bearings, shafts, gears, thrust washers, and valve parts.

Yubi Steel offers a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your budget and project, including sheet, strip, sheet, wire, bar, and bar.

The main grade of Phosphor Bronze Product:

  • C51000 Phosphor Bronze
  • C52100 Phosphor Bronze
  • C52400 Phosphor Bronze
  • C53400 Phosphor Bronze
  • C54400 Phosphor Bronze
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