Monel Alloy 405

• Compatible with automatic screw machinery
• Shows resistivity against high temperature steams and seawater
• Resistant against alkaline and neutral salts
• Specific resistivity against hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acids
• Seawater or brackish water cannot affect the metal alloy

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The Monel 405 is known to be the free machining alternative of Monel 400. It is an alloy prepared from the combination of nickel and copper, with the addition of a regulated amount of sulfur.

This addition was done keeping in mind that the sulfide inclusions will serve the purpose of chip breakers, especially when used in machining.

Monel R405 offers resistance against steam at high temperatures and to seawater as well. The nickel alloy exhibits ample features, including resistivity against corrosion, high strength, and excellent weldability.

Common Names:

  • UNS N04405
  • Alloy 405

Executive Standards:

  • ASTM B 164

Chemical Properties:

 Nickel (Ni)Copper (Cu)Iron (Fe)Sulphur (S)Manganese (Mn)Carbon (C)Silicon (Si)
Min63.028.0 0.025   

Mechanical Properties:

ConditionTensile strength0.2-per cent yieldElongating %Hardness Brinell Hardness Rockwell B

Physical Properties:

Melting Point1338°C2440°F
Density 8.80 g/cm30.318 lb/in3

Key Features:

  • Machinability: The Monel 405 has excellent machinability
  • Weldability: The nickel alloy can be welded with the use of basic welding techniques
  • Formability: The Monel R405 exhibits an exceptional forming ability
  • Heat Resistant: The alloy will not react to any of the heat treatments

Product Forms Available:

  • Hex Bar
  • Round Bar


  • Used in automatic screw machine stock for fastening purpose

Possible Alternative Grade:

  • Monel 400: The alloy is known for its corrosion resistivity and high-strength properties in different pH environments
  • Monel 401: It is used in specific electronic applications because of its brazing properties
  • Monel 404: Monel 404 is considered to be an ideal choice because of the features that alloy exhibits, including reduced curie temperature, unmatched brazing, and low permeability
  • Monel 450: The allow is famous for its relatively enhanced thermal conductivity features excellently combined with fatigue strength
  • Monel K-500: It is designed in a way to benefit the user with its extraordinary sturdiness and hardness

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Monel an expensive alloy?

Monel is an expensive alloy. However, the features offered by the metal are why the industries consider it is as one of the most used and even the most desired metal alloys.

  • What exactly is Monel Alloy?

Monel is the trademark name used to denote the different series of metal alloys that are prepared from the combination of copper and nickel, along with iron and some other trace elements depending upon their variety.

  • What are the different uses of Monel?

The alloy comes to use for the making of hydrocarbon and chemical processing equipment, marine engineering, fittings, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, fasteners, etc. It is used in the eyeglass frames and metal instruments as well.

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