Inconel Alloy 625

  • High resistance against corrosion and oxidation even in an acidic environment
  • Widely used as a weldable metal choice due to resistant to high temperature
  • Tensile strength is very high
  • Outstanding ductility and toughness at low-temperature ranges
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Inconel Alloy 625 is a nickel-chromium based alloy that is derived from the stiffening effect of molybdenum and niobium on the nickel-chromium matrix. This composition portrays high resistivity at high-temperature. It is widely used in sea-water applications and chemical and nuclear industries, respectively.

Its excellent braze-ability also makes it a fitting choice for aerospace industries. Inconel 625 can withstand very high temperature, and thereby it is used in turbines, combustion systems, rocket parts, etc. It is comparatively light-weight and can be easily fabricated into desired shapes.

Common Names:

  • Haynes 625
  • Nicrofer 6020
  • Altemp 625
  • Inconel 625
  • Chronin 625
  • Nickelvac 625

Executive standards:

Forging stock, wire, rod & bar: 

  • ASTM B 564
  • ASME SB 564
  • ISO 9725
  • DIN 17754
  • SAE/AMS 5666
  • ASME Code Case 1935
  • SAE/AMS 5837
  • ISO 9724
  • DIN 17753
  • ASTM B 446/ASME SB 446
  • ISO 9723
  • VdTUV 499
  • BS 3076NA21
  • DIN 17752
  • EN 10095

Sheets, Plates & strips:

  • BS3072NA21
  • ASTM B 443/ASTM SB 443
  • SAE/AMS 5599/5869/MAM 5599
  • ISO 6208
  • EN 10095
  • BS 3072NA21
  • VdTUV 499
  • DIN 17750
  • ASME Code Case 1935

Tube & Pipes

  • ASTM B 444/B 829
  • ASME SB444/SB 829
  • SAE/AMS 5581
  • BS3074NA21

Other Product forms

  • ASTM B 366/ASME SB 366
  • ISO 4955A
  • DIN 17744

Chemical Properties:

Nickel (%)Min 58
Chromium (%)20-23
Molybdenum (%)8-10
Iron (%)Max 5
Niobium (%)3.15-4.15
Cobalt (%)Max 1
Others (%)Remainder

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength120-160 ksi120-150 ksi105-130 ksi
827-1103 MPa827-1034 MPa724-890 MPa
Yield Strength60-110 ksi60-95 ksi42-60 ksi
414-758 MPa414-655 MPa290-414 MPa
Elongation (%)60-3060-3065-40
Reduction (%)60-4060-4090-60

Physical Properties:

Specific HeatBtu lb oF0.105
J/kg oC450
Melting RangeoF2350-2460
Specific HeatBtu/lb at 0oF0.096
J/kg oC402
PermeabilityAt 200 Oersted (15.9 kA/m)1.0006
Cure TemperatureoF/ oC<-320/-196

Key Features:

  • High-temperature Resistant: It can withstand temperature up to 1148k and therefore is used in the core of many nuclear reactors. It is also used in manufacturing several parts of rockets.
  • High Weldability: Inconel Alloy 625 is the perfect choice as a welding metal. Due to easy fabricability and high weldable properties, it is widely used in the chemical industry to manufacture various types of equipment that are required in chemical plants like columns for distillation, reactor vessels, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Corrosion Resistant: It has commendably high corrosion-fatigue strength and high tensile strength. It can provide good protection against chloride ions present in sea-water and thus are used for manufacturing underwater pipes, cables, submarine parts, etc.

Product Forms Available

  • Rod
  • Bar
  • Wire
  • Forging Stock
  • Plate
  • Sheets
  • Strips
  • Pipes
  • Tubes


  • Nuclear Reactors
  • Submarine parts
  • Mooring Cables
  • Propeller Blades
  • Bubble Caps
  • Heat-exchangers
  • Undersea communication cables

Possible Alternative Grades

There are 4-alternatives for Inconel Alloy 625, with varying components of its main components – Nickel and Chromium. Here is the table for alternatives of this alloy along with its composition.

AlternativeNickel (min %)Chromium (min %)
Inconel 6007214
Inconel 61744.520
Inconel 6905827
Inconel 7185017

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the working temperature range of Inconel 625?

Inconel 625 can be used at a very high-temperature range of 1200-1400 °F.

  • Why do we observe hardening effect at high temperatures in Inconel 625 alloy?

We can observe the hardening effect at a temperature of and above 1200°F, and it occurs due to the precipitation of a phase that is rich in Nickel and Niobium.

  • What is meant by the LCF variety of Inconel 625?

LCF refers to Low Cycle Fatigue. It refers to a modified version of the alloy that has comparatively better cycle fatigue and resistivity towards thermal fatigue, thereby increasing its usability.

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