Incoloy alloy 330

  • Good resistance to nitridation
  • High carburization resistance
  • Resists high oxidation & heat
  • Good strength & corrosion resistance
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Incoloy Alloy 330, also goes by the name UNS N08330, is composed of iron-chromium-nickel along with silicon added in a deliberately controlled manner. It helps improve the oxidation resistance property. It also flaunts a solid composition & doesn’t harden with heat treatment.

The high chromium & nickel content provides excellent resistance with regards to carburization and oxidation issues. They can be used on a large scale for muffles, heating furnaces, flare tips, bar baskets, alloy grids, gas turbine parts, high-temperature, & boiler fixtures.

Common Names:

  • Alloy 330
  • UNS N08330
  • Nr. 1.4886

Executive Standards:

Bars & Shapes

  • ASME SB 511
  • ASTM B 511

Billets & Bars

  • ASME SB 512
  • ASTM B 512

Pipe & Tube

  • ASTM B 546/ASME SB 546
  • ASTM B 535/ASME SB 535
  • ASTM B 739/ASME SB 739
  • ASTM B 710/ASME SB 710
  • ASTM B 829/ASME SB 829

Plate, Sheet, & Strip

  • ASTM B 536
  • ASME SB 536
  • SAE AMS 5592

Bars, Forgings, Rings, &Wire

  • SAE AMS 5716


  • ASME SB 366/ASTM B 366

Chemical Properties:

Nickel (%)34.0 to 37.0
Iron (%)Balance
Chromium (%)17.0 to 20.0
Carbon (%)Max 0.08
Silicon (%)0.75 to 1.50
Phosphorus (%)Max 0.030
Manganese (%)Max 2.0
Sulfur (%)Max 0.030

Mechanical Properties:

Yield StrengthMpa221-290
Tensile StrengthMpa552-621

Physical Properties:

Specific HeatBtu.Ib.oF0.11
Melting RangeoF2520-2590
Poisson’s RatioAt 20oC/70oF0.340
PermeabilityAt 20oC/70oF1.02

Key Features:

  • Smooth Weldability: Incoloy 330 can easily be welded with the help of conventional processes. Using shielded-metal based arc helps crave off the heavy sections.
  • Hot/Cold Fabrication: The alloy 330 can easily be hot/cold fabricated with the use of standard stainless steel procedures.
  • Heavy Machining: Incoloy 330 requires the use of high power for machining as compared to mild steel & needs to be performed with the help of techniques that reduce the work hardening.
  • Carburization Resistance: The nickel & chromium content present in this alloy provides ample carburization & oxidation resistance.

Product Forms Available:

  • Bar
  • Wire
  • Welded-Seamless Pipe/Tube
  • Sheet
  • Forgings
  • Plate
  • Flanges
  • Pipe Fittings


  • Furnace parts for petrochemical industries
  • Furnaces for industrial heating
  • Perlite systems & equipment
  • Components for gas turbine
  • Boiler fixtures
  • Salt pots
  • Furnace containers
  • Fans for use in high temperature

Possible Alternative Grades:

  • Incoloy 25-6MO: This super-austenitic alloy houses 6 percent molybdenum & offers amazing resistance to corrosion that occurs in acidic or neutral environments.
  • Incoloy 800H: Incoloy 800H consists of carbon content that ranges between 0.05 and 0.10 percent of the overall composition. It ensures better creep resistance & stress-rupture resistance.
  • Incoloy 800: Popular for its use in condensation condition when kept in the ammonia-based acid mediums, the Incoloy 800 is used in water heaters, nuclear generators, or gas coolers.
  • Incoloy 825: Incoloy 825 is highly resistant to stress-corrosion that comes from oxidation. It also provides resistance to deterioration from phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Incoloy 330 used for ore processing industries?

Yes, the Incoloy 330 is generally used for the perlite systems & equipment within the ore processing industries.

  • Can Incoloy 330 be machined?

Incoloy 330 can be machined but only when kept in the annealed condition. It is also susceptible to hardening during work, which is why low speed needs to be used when cutting.

  • What are the thermal implications of Incoloy 330?

Incoloy Alloy 330 for thermal processing is used in heat-treat containers, high-temperature fan, or salt pots.

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