Incoloy alloy 028

  • Superalloy with high strength
  • Functions easily at high temperature
  • Resistant to reducing acids or oxidation
  • Copper makes it sulfuric acid resistant
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With Incoloy 028, you get access to an extensively alloyed stainless steel of the austenitic kind that offers resistance to corrosive media environments. Given its chromium & molybdenum content, this alloy offers high resistance to oxidizing & reducing acids or salts.

Apart from this, the inclusion of copper enhances its overall resistance to H2SO4 acid. In terms of usage, this alloy is used on a wide scale in industries such as petrochemical or chemical processing. The alloy tubes can be cold worked for enhanced strength when kept in a moderately corrosive sour gas well.

Common Names:

  • UNS N08028
  • Nr.1.4563

Executive Standards:

  • ASTM B829
  • ASTM B709
  • ASTM B 668
  • ASME SB-668
  • ASME SB-709
  • ASME SB-829

Chemical Properties:

Iron (%)20-40.4
Chromium (%)26-28
Nickel (%)30-34
Manganese (%)Max 2.5
Molybdenum (%)3-4
Others (%)Remainder

Mechanical Properties:

Yield StrengthMetric214 MPa
Imp31 Ksi
Tensile StrengthMetric500 Mpa
Imp72.5 Ksi
Break Elongation (Cold Worked)Metric15 %
Imp50 %
Elasticity ModulusMetric200 GPa
Imp29000 Ksi

(Rockwell B)


(Rockwell C)


Physical Properties:

Specific HeatBtu lb oF0.105
J/kg oC450
Expansion Coefficient21 to 427 oC15.0-16.8
103 Ksi29.0
Young’s ModulusGPa200
Btu in/ft2 hoF66
Thermal ConductivityW/m oC11.4
Ohm circ mil/ft594
Electrical ResistivityMicro ohm m0.99

 Key Features:

  • Surface Pitting Resistance: Given its strong build, the alloy is resistant to surface pitting or cracking with minimal physical deterioration.
  • Handles High Temperature: Incoloy alloy 028 is perfect to be worked with elevated temperature.
  • Fabrication Ease: Incoloy also flaunts easy fabrication properties to be molded into a designed size or shape in the tube form.
  • Resistant to Creep Rupture: Incoloy alloy 028 is a great metal mix that flaunts perfect rupture strength in high temperatures or acid-corrosion settings.

Product Forms Available:

  • Tube


  • Chemical processing
  • Petrochemical Processing
  • Downhole service (Deep Wells with Sour Gas)
  • Ship Building
  • Construction

Possible Alternative Grades:

  • Incoloy A-286: This nickel-based alloy comes with the inclusion of titanium, aluminum, molybdenum, vanadium, or traces of the boron metal.
  • Incoloy 926: Incoloy 926 comes with titanium & aluminum alongside the main nickel component. It also houses an adequate amount of chromium as well.
  • Incoloy 925: This Mo-Cu-Ni based alloy is perfect for cold working as well as hot working requirements.
  • Incoloy 901: This austenitic alloy is known for its properties for age hardening. Apart from titanium & aluminum, it also houses traces of lower carbon as well as boron.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What differentiates Inconel from Incoloy?

The prime difference between the two is the composition. Inconel is primarily comprised of nickel and chromium, with nickel going over 50%. On the other hand, Incoloy is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy where nickel is below 50%.

  • Is Incoloy open to cold working?

Yes, cold working can be done with Incoloy, but only after the annealing process is complete.

  • What are some of the critical places for Incoloy use?

Incoloy is used in areas such as turbine blades, nuclear industry, as well as rocket engines.

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