Hot-rolled automobile structural steel

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Hot-rolled steel for automotive structures generally has the characteristics of higher strength, better formability, reliable performance, excellent welding performance, high dimensional accuracy, and surface quality. And, the manufacturers use them to produce different automobiles and their parts widely such as car beams, wheels, etc.

Steel applicationSteel gradeExecutive standard
Automobile structure steelSAPH310/SAPH370/SAPH400/SAPH440
High strength automobile structure steelSPFH540/SPFH590/QStE340TM/QStE380TM/
Wheel steelB330CL/B380CL/B420CL
Beam steelB320L、B420L、B510L、B510DL、B550L
Drive shaft steelB440QZR、B480QZR
Axle housing steelB440QK
Hot rolled strip for automobile frame420L、440L、510L、550L、610L、700L、750L、850LGB/T3273-2005、2011JX25、JT001-2014
Hot rolled strip for automobile structureQStE340TM—QStE550TM、SAPH310—SAPH440JT025-2015、2013JX103、JT006-2011
Hot rolled high strength strip for automobile structureSPFH490、SPFH540、SPFH590JIS G 3113:2006、JIS G 3134:2006
Hot rolled strip for automobile wheel330CL—590CL、HZ330CL—HZ590CLJT020-2015、YB/T 4151-2006
Hot rolled strip for automobile bodyC600XT、C700XTGL:2009
Hot rolled strip for cold formingS355MC、 S420MC、S500MC2013JX39、2013JX107、2013JX107、2014JX079
Hot rolled strip for hot stamping and forming22MnB5、27MnCrB5、 30MnB5、38MnB52013JX30、 2013JX112、 2013JX111、 2015JX077
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