GCr15 – 100Cr6 (1.3505) – AISI 52100 High-carbon chromium bearing steel


  • Chinese name: GCr15 bearing steel
  • Another name: High-carbon chromium bearing steel
  • Standard: GB/T 18254-2016

GCr15 steel is typical bearing steel with less alloy content and is the most commonly used and the typical high-carbon chromium bearing steel (High-carbon chromium-bearing steel – GCr15SiMn, ZGCr15, and ZGCr15SiMn), it has all-around mechanical properties, and it is also the most widely used.


Rolling Bearing Made from GCr15 Steel
Rolling Bearing Made from GCr15 Steel


After quenching and tempering, the hardness is uniform and high, the wear resistance is high and better than GCr9 steel, and the contact fatigue resistance is also high.

It has high hardness, uniform structure, good wear resistance, and high contact fatigue performance.

Due to its perfect hot workability performance, it is mainly used to manufacture steel balls, rollers, and bushings on drive shafts such as internal combustion engines, electric locomotives, machine tools, tractors, rolling equipment, drilling machines, railway vehicles, and mining machinery. Sometimes it is also used to make tools, such as dies and measuring tools.

The full name of the bearing steel is rolling bearing steel, which has high compressive strength and fatigue limit, high hardness, high wear resistance and certain toughness, good hardenability, and extremely strict control of sulfur and phosphorus. It is high-grade high-quality steel. It is used as mold steel.

The most commonly used chromium-bearing steel with a gravity of 7.81 is GCr15. It covers the usage of the vast majority of bearing steel. The amount used accounts for the vast majority of bearing steel.

Bearing steel with Mn, Si, Mo, and V added to chromium bearing steel with Si and Mn can improve hardenability, such as GCrI5SiMn, GCr15SiMnMoV, etc.

In order to save chromium, chromium-free bearing steel can be obtained by adding Mo and V. Such as GSiMnMoV, GSiMnMoVRE, etc., its performance is similar to GCr15.

GCr15A is a precision special bearing steel made of GCr15 steel after electro slag remelting. It has the characteristics of high purity, high density, and good carbide uniformity, and its fatigue performance is better than ordinary GCr15 bearing steel. Suitable for manufacturing military bearing products, special bearings, aero-engine bearings, precision instruments, precision spindle bearings, etc.


Table 1: Chemical composition ranges for GCr15 Bearing Steel


Possible Alternative

Table 2: Equivalent Alloy Material of GCr15 Bearing Steel

GCr15 Possible Alternative (For reference)GCr15 Possible Alternative (For reference)
GB/T18254-2016GCr15AISI SAE, ASTM A29552100EN ISO 683-17100Cr6 (1.3505)JIS G4805SUJ2ISO 683-17100Gr6
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