Duplex 2205 (F60)

  • High strength and endurance
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Good notch impact toughness up to a certain temperature
  • Decent heat resistance
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SAF duplex 2205 stainless steel is a highly corrosion resistant grade that can withstand corrosive agents like sulfides and chlorides.

It gives a tough competition to austenitic stainless steels in this field.

It is a tough alloy grade, which has a variety of usage in multiple manufacturing industries.

The design strength of stainless 2205 permits its use in the construction of light walls. Other than that, the applications of this alloy spread from chemical to paper industries. However, it is not suggested to use this alloy at temperatures higher than 600°C.

Common Names of Alloy 2205 :

  • UNS S31803
  • UNS S32205
  • SS 2205
  • Duplex 2205 SS
  • F60
  • A 22Cr-3Mo (ferritic-austenitic) Stainless Steel
  • DIN: W.Nr 1.4462
  • EURO NORM: 1.4462 (X2CrNiMoN 22.5.3)
  • AFNOR: Z3 CrNi 22.05 AZ

Chemical Properties of 2205 duplex stainless :

  • Chromium (%): 23
  • Nickel (%): 4.5-6.5
  • Molybdenum (%): Max 2
  • Others (%): Remainder

Mechanical Properties of 2205 duplex :

  • 0.2% Yield Strength (MPa): 448
  • 0.2% Yield Strength (ksi): 65
  • Tensile strength (MPa): 621
  • Tensile strength (ksi):  90
  • Break Elongation:  25%
  • Elastic Modulus (GPa): 200
  • Elastic Modulus (ksi): 29000
  • Hardness (Rockwell C): 32
  • Hardness (Brinell): 293

Physical Properties of 2205 duplex steel :

  • Density (Lb/in3): 0.285
  • Density (g/cm3): 7.88
  • Melting range (oF):2525-2630
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient (0-100oC): 13.7
  • Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K):19.0
  • Thermal Conductivity (BTU-in/hr-ft2oF): 11.0
  • Poisson’s ratio (No unit): 0.3

Key Features of Duplex SS 2205:

  • Brilliant resistance to corrosion: 2205 stainless steel resists corrosion very effectively. Be it stress-corrosion cracking, crevice, pitting, erosion, or general corrosion, alloy 2205 gives a tough fight to all. Thus, industries involving machines exposed to sulfides, chlorides, or any other corrosive agents, prefer to go for this alloy, as it safeguards the machinery and avoids failures in the manufacturing units.
  • Higher-strength: Alloy 2205 stainless steel is both ferritic and austenitic. As a result, it is a way stronger than the commercial austenitic variants available and confers a great fatigue strength to the material. Hence, it is suitable to be utilized as parts of various machinery and appliance for multiple industries across the globe.
  • Great weldability and ductility: The toughness of this alloy in no way hampers how easily it can be molded. Duplex SS 2205 maintains good weldability even in its thickest sections.

Product Forms Available of duplex steel 2205:

  • Bars
  • Sheets
  • Plates
  • Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Weld wires
  • Plates

Bar, Wire Mesh, and Forging Stock

  • ASTM A276, ASTM A479, ASTM A182, ASTM A473

Plate, Sheet, Tubes, Pipes, and Flanges

  • ASTM A240, ASTM A789, ASTM A403, ASTM A815, ASTM A182 F60, ASTM A182 F51


  • Chemical process vessels, piping, and heat exchangers
  • Equipment for food processing
  • Effluent scrubbing systems
  • High chloride and marine environments
  • Paper machines, liquor tanks, pulp, and paper digesters

Possible Alternative Grades:

  • Grade 904L: It is a high corrosion resistant variety of alloy. But it has lower strength compared to alloy 2205.
  • Grade 6%Mo: Though lesser strength compared to stainless 2205, this alloy has much better formability and equivalent corrosion resisting power.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duplex 2205 (F60):

1. What are the most accessible forms of 2205?

Manufacturing industries prefer to use duplex 2205 pipes, duplex 2205 tubes, and duplex 2205 plates.

2. How can embrittlement of duplex 2205 be handled?

The embrittlement of SS 2205 above 300°C can be handled by full solution annealing treatment.

3. How can we order stainless 2205 for our plant?

There are several 2205 stainless steel suppliers in the market. You can search for organizations that supply the respective alloy.

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