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We supply angle steel with equal or unequal legs in different material of Aluminum extrusions, Brass, angle iron (also known as Hot Roll Steel), and Stainless Steel.

These metal angles are used for a variety of purposes and industries:

  • Reinforcement with metal angle – To increases bearing stress and enhances its lifetime when they are welded or bolted to the corner of anything being constructred
  • Bracket support for shelving – Angle iron can be used to support joints and to hold different components in place.
  • The framework of the construction project – From buildings to factory machinery to beds, steel angles are used to provide strong frames
  • Decorative component – Steel angles are not always hidden in the structure. They are sometimes used as decorative furniture edges and interiors of buildings, including doorways, countertops, and floors.

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Angle-Unequal, Angle-Equal


Aluminum, Hot Roll Steel, Stainless Steel, Anodized AIuminum, Brass


316, 6061, 6063, A36, 304/304L

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