Alloy structural steel plate


Hot-rolled steel plate – using slab continuous casting or at the beginning of rolling billet as raw material, heated by a step-by-step heating furnace, then enters the roughing mill after high-pressure water descaling.

the rough rolling material is cut into the head, tail, and then enters the finishing rolling mill, and the computer controls rolling (metalworking), after finishing rolling, it undergoes laminar cooling and is coiled by a coiler to become a straight hair coil.

After the straight hair coil is processed by a finishing line such as head-cutting, tail-cutting, edge-trimming, and multi-pass straightening, then it is cut or re-coiled: hot-rolled steel plate, flattened hot-rolled steel coil, strap coils, and etc.

If the finished hot-rolled coil is pickled to remove the oxide scale and coated with oil, it will become a hot-rolled pickled coil. This product has a tendency to partially replace cold-rolled plates, and the price is competitive, and it is deeply loved by the majority of users.

Structural steel plate-Carbon structural steel

StandardSteel gradeThicknessDelivery Status
GB/T 700Q1956~80AR
GB/T 700Q2156~80AR
GB/T 700Q2356~80AR
EN 100025-2S2356~70AR
EN 100025-2S2756~70CR
EN 100025-2S3556~70CR
ASTM A36/A 36MA366~80AR
JIS G 3101SS3306~80AR
JIS G 3101SS4006~80AR
JIS G 3101SS4906~80AR
JIS G 3101SS5406~80CR
JIS G 4051S10C~S58C6~220AR

Structural steel plate -Low-alloy structural steel

StandardSteel gradeThicknessDelivery Status
GB/T 1591Q3556~80AR
GB/T 1591Q3556~80CR
GB/T 1591Q3556~80TMCP
GB/T 15913906~80CR
GB/T 1591Q4206~80TMCP
GB/T 1591Q5006~60TMCP
GB/T 1591Q5506~60TMCP
GB/T 1591Q6206~30TMCP
GB/T 1591Q6906~30TMCP
JIS G 3106SM4006~80AR
JIS G 3106SM4906~80CR
JIS G 3106SM5206~80TMCP
JIS G 3106SM5706~80TMCP
ASTM A572/A572MGr426~150AR
ASTM A572/A572MGr506~100CR
ASTM A572/A572MGr556~50CR
ASTM A572/A572MGr606~30TMCP
ASTM A572/A572MGr656~30TMCP
EN 10025-4S2756~80TMCP
EN 10025-4S3556~80TMCP
EN 10025-4S4206~80TMCP
EN 10025-4S4606~80TMCP

Structural steel plate – Bridge steel

StandardSteel gradeThicknessDelivery Status
GB/T 714Q235q6~80CR
GB/T 714Q345q6~80TMCP
GB/T 714Q370q6~80TMCP
GB/T 714Q420q6~60TMCP
GB/T 714Q460q6~60TMCP
GB/T 714Q500q6~60TMCP
GB/T 714Q550q6~30TMCP
GB/T 714Q620q6~30TMCP
GB/T 714Q690q6~25TMCP

Structural steel plate – Construction steel

StandardSteel gradeThicknessDelivery Status
GB/T 19879Q235GJ6~80CR
GB/T 19879Q345GJ6~80TMCP
GB/T 19879Q390GJ6~80CR/TMCP
GB/T 19879Q420GJ6~80TMCP
JIS G 3136SN4006~80CR
JIS G 3136SN4906~80TMCP

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