ZGCr15 Electroslag Remelting Steel & High-Carbon-Chrome-Bearing-Steel


ZGCr15 is made of GCr15 by the ectro-slag remelting method, which is also called the electroslag remelting steel.

ZGCr15 has fewer impurities and better comprehensive performance than GCr15. Its excellent performance includes:

  • Better cutting performance after annealing;
  • High and uniformity hardness after quenching and tempering;
  • High wear resistance ability;
  • High anti-fatigue strength;
  • Better thermal processing performance.

So, ZGCr15 is the most widely adopted steel for bearing rolling elements and sleeve drawings.


ZGCr15 Electroslag Remelting Bearing Steel
ZGCr15 Electroslag Remelting Bearing Steel

Chemical Position of ZGCr15 Bearing Steel

Steel GradeCarbonManganeseSiliconChromiumNickelCopperSulfurPhosphorus


  • Spindle bearing of the machine tool;
  • Long-life high-speed precision bearings;
  • Machinery bearings;
  • High-speed rolling mill bearings;
  • Machine tool bearings;
  • Aerospace bearings.
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