Titanium Grade 3 (UNS R50550)

  • It is a pure grade of titanium and mainly used for commercial purposes
  • Titanium grade 3 is stronger while compared to grade 1 and grade 2
  • Reflect strong ductility; hence, it is used for higher mechanical compositions
  • Less formable and possess high corrosion resistance
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Titanium grade 3 is a form of pure titanium, as it is unalloyed. It has extra corrosion resistance compared to any other metal. Because of its high oxidizing property, its corrosion resistance capacity is stronger in moderate environments and chlorides. The strength of grade 3 is higher in the weight ratio; hence it can be used for all commercial purposes.

The material also allows the highest ASME. Hence it can be stressed for the design, welding, cold, and hot worked casting. It has a good impact when treated under low temperatures. It is mainly used for marine and airframe applications because of its strength, which can be treated up to 400°F. Also, its oxidation resistance is 600°F.

Common names:

  • ASTM Grade 3
  • UNS R50550
  • CP Titanium
  • CP Titanium alloy

Chemical properties:

  • Oxygen (%): Max 0.25
  • Carbon (%): Max 0.08%
  • Iron (%):  Max 0.30%
  • Nitrogen (%): Max 0.03%
  • Hydrogen (%): Max 0.015%
  • Titanium (%): Remainder

Mechanical properties:

  • Tensile (MPA): 440
  • Tensile (PSI): 63800
  • Yield (MPA): 520
  • Yield (PSI): 75400
  • Hardness: 225
  • Elongation (%): 18

Physical properties:

  • Density: 0.163(Lb/In3) / 4.512(G/CM3)
  • Specific Heat: 0.125(Btu/Ib.oF) /523 (J/Kg.oC)
  • Expansion Coefficient: 8.6(70-212 oF) / 14.7(20-100 oC)
  • Electrical Resistivity: 21(Ohm.circ mil/ft) / 0.53(Ω⋅m)
  • Thermal Conductivity: 138(Btu.in/ft2.h. oF) / 19.9(W/m.oC)

Key features:

  • High Strength and Weightless: The tensile strength is high. As pure commercial titanium grade, it can be used for high metal objects. Since the weight is comparatively lesser, it is used in aerospace parts.
  • Withstand Low-temperature Resistance: Titanium grade 3 can withstand extremely low temperature and does not become hard, unlike other metals.
  • No possibility of Thermal Shrink: The thermal expansion in Titanium grade 3 is half of the stainless-steel capacity. Hence, it does not shrink very easily.

Product forms available:

  • Bar, Forging, Pipe, Plate, Wire, Fittings, Flanges, Welding wire
  • Forging Stock, Wire, Bar & Rod: ASME SB-363, ASME SB-381, ASME SB-337, ASME SB-338, ASME SB-348, ASTM F-67, AMS 4921, ASME SB-265, AMS 4902, ASME SB-337, ASME SB-338, AMS 4942
  •  Sheet, Plate & Strip: UNS R50550, AMS 4900, ASTM F 67, ASTM B265, DFARS Compliant, MIL-T 9046


  • Architecture, Aerospace, Medical industry, Chemical process, Automotive industry, Chlorate manufacturing, Power generation, Hydrocarbon processing, Desalination

Possible alternative grades:

  • Titanium 7: Titanium grade 7 is known as corrosion-resistant alpha titanium. Its corrosion resistance is high, especially with the mineral acids and brines
  • Titanium 11: Titanium grade 11 is mainly used for desalination and other marine application. It removes the salts and minerals easily. Especially it is used for the industrial purifier process.
  • Titanium 12: Titanium grade 12 is used in chemical industries and for the manufacturing of valves, heat exchangers, and condensers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the strength of commercial titanium?

Commercial titanium usually has a tensile strength of 605, which is higher than aluminum and twice stronger than any other aluminum alloy.

  • What color is titanium grade 3?

By nature, Titanium has a lustrous metallic silver color, although while heating, it shows the common red-violet tones across the metal.

  • How titanium is effectively used in Military bases?

Titanium commercial grade 3 is used in the military aircraft, naval ships, and other critical structural firewalls used for protection. It is a heavy metal that is lightweight in nature. Hence, it offers better protection.

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