Hot-rolled anti-corrosion structural steel

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We can add Cu, Cr, Ni, and other alloying elements to corrosion-resistant structural steel in order to make structural steel corrosion-resistant and extend its service life.

China has rich experience in the development and production of corrosion-resistant structural steel. The steel grade B4BDGNQR from Baosteel is widely used in the container manufacturing industry, while the grade B600GNQR is to meet the trend of thinning and lightweight in the container industry.

About railway steel, we can supply high-strength atmospheric hot-rolled corrosion-resistant steel coils with a yield strength of 400 to 500 MPa and its grade is Q450NQR1. In addition to excellent weathering resistance, this steel grade also has excellent low-temperature impact toughness and is suitable for use in various extreme climates.

Corrosion-resistant structural steel is easy to process, suitable for welding and cold forming. At present, these steel grades have been widely promoted and applied in the container and railway industries.


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