LDX 2101

  • High strength
  • Appreciable resistance to general corrosion and pitting
  • High energy absorption
  • Excellent weldability
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LDX 2101 is duplex stainless steel, that is, it is both austenitic and ferritic. It has very good strength and is known to offer excellent corrosion resistance.

This alloy is also praised for its wondrous durability and weldability. All these properties, when combined together, present you with great machinability.

This superior alloy steel finds its use in multiple industries related to construction, because of its toughness. It is also used in piping and storage tanks.

Common Names:

  • UNS S32101
  • LDX 2101 Stainless
  • Duplex 2101
  • ALLOY 1.4162
  • Lean DUPLEX
  • V 2101

Chemical Properties:

  • Chromium (%): 21-22
  • Manganese (%): 4-6
  • Nickel (%): 1.35-1.70
  • Silicon (%): Max 1
  • Others (%): Remainder

Mechanical Properties:

  • Yield Strength (MPa): 530
  • Yield Strength (ksi): 77
  • Tensile Strength (MPa): 696
  • Tensile Strength (ksi): 101
  • Break Elongation:  30%
  • Elastic Modulus (GPa): 200
  • Elastic Modulus (psi) at 68oF: 29 x 106
  • Hardness (Brinell): 290

Physical Properties:

  • Density (Lb/in3): 0.278
  • Density (g/cm3): 7.69
  • Melting range (oF or °C): 2520-2630 or 1385-1443
  • Thermal conductivity (BTU-in/hr-ft2oF):8.7
  • Electrical Resistivity (µohm-m):0.80
  • Poisson’s ratio (No unit): 0.3

Key Features:

  • Excellent mechanical strength: This duplex stainless steel is a very strong alloy that is widely used for the construction of buildings and pipelines. Its superior toughness paves the way for LDX 2101 to be used by numerous industries across the globe. This strength is by virtue of duplex microstructure, and it allows the usage of the alloy in thinner cross-sections, thus saving cost.
  • Good corrosion resistance: LDX 2101 offers great resistance to corrosive agents owing to the combination of Chromium with Nitrogen and Molybdenum.
  • Appraisable weldability: Alloy LDX 2101 can be welded very easily and efficiently. It increases its machinability and enhances its versatility to be used as parts for various machinery.

Product Forms Available:

  • Pipe, Tube, Sheet, Strip, Plate, Round Bar, Flat bar, Forging Stock, Hexagon, Wire

Bar, Pipes, and Tubes

  • ASTM A276, ASTM A789, ASTM A790, ASME SA276, ASME SA789, ASME SA790

Plates and Sheets

  • ASTM A240, ASME SA790


  • Construction works
  • Paper and pulp mills
  • Heat exchangers
  • Ethanol production
  • Wastewater handling systems
  • Palm oil and wine storage tanks
  • Bridges, flood gates, and sluice gates
  • Desalinization chambers and evaporators

Possible Alternative Grades:

  • Grade 304L stainless steel: It is an austenitic alloy that is excellent in terms of weldability. Along with that, it also offers superior corrosion resistance and great formability.
  • Zeron 100: The Zeron alloy is a superior duplex stainless steel alloy that offers amazing resistance against corrosive agents like sulfides and chlorides. Thus, it is great for usage in saline environments. Also, its high strength and good machinability index have made it one of the top choices of many industries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Up to what temperature can LDX 2101 handle without embrittlement?

The embrittlement of this alloy gradually starts after the temperature reaches 600°C. So, it is recommended to use this alloy below this temperature.

2. What is the PREN value for this alloy?

The PREN value of this alloy is 26.

3. How can we do heat treatment of the alloy?

For the heat treatment of LDX 2101, the solution should be annealed at 1020-1100°C, followed by water quenching.

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